21 Journey to Awakening to Your Truth

The Emergence of Two Souls

An Online Immersive and Experiential Journey

Have you noticed that your relationship has a feeling of deep exhaustion as you spin on a hamster wheel seeking for a life of true love, intimacy, harmony, purpose and communication?

Are you ready to rekindle the fun and playfulness in your relationship?

Are you silent and unspoken and holding back on how you feel in your relationship and are yearning for effective ways to communicate?

Is the relationship you have with your beloved one that you would want your children to mirror in their future relationships and you are committed to breaking old beliefs and patterns?

Have you had a calling to dive into a deeper sense of self so that you can awaken to your true essence that transforms your relationship with yourself, and your beloved?

Are you yearning to belong to a compassionate community of like minded couples and individuals who are all ready to hold one another high, and accountable as we unify in stepping into full authentic expression of self during this synonymous time of awakening and change?…

If these questions resonated with you…
your not alone

Keep reading… We’ve Got You

Spend an intimate 21 Day experiential experience, with Coaches, Staci and Marc Kessler in self-discovery, diving in deep to self-love, self-acceptance, seeing life situations and circumstances through a new lens. 
In this 21-day transformation, you have an opportunity to become aware of both your effective and ineffective beliefs. Being able to distinguish these beliefs has you experience a profound shift in the way you view yourself, your results and your ability to take committed action on what matters to you most.
This is an awakening and immersive experience designed for couples and individuals that are ready to get to work and make shift happen, now! 
The growth that you experience as an individual, couple, family and community influencer will allow you to get clear in seeing yourself living out your life’s vision with clarity, and confidence whilst living into your birthright of love, joy and gratitude.

This program is designed for you
if you are…

Ready to rebuild trust in your relationship with self, let go of anger and resentment, stop living in the past and live life in the present moment creating your future as you live life abundantly, feeling it and living it as this becomes your new reality.

Yearning to create deeper intimacy, compassion, connection, and forgiveness while coming from a place of loving communication, with mutual agreements and boundaries allowing you to experience the freedom that you truly desire and deserve!

Ready to wake up to a brand new day, become aware and dissolve old thoughts, patterns and beliefs. Set yourself free and become selfless, self loving, and self caring, filling up your emotional love tank restoring your energy and vitality.

Embody methods and daily self~love practices that show you how much time you truly do have to give back to yourself.

Become the observer, as you witness the positive shifts in relationship with your beloved and children.

Cultivate new agreements, boundaries and effective ways to communicate with your children and harmoniously co-parent as one team, no matter what age your children are.

How to bring fun, connection and playfulness back into your relationship while retaining a harmonious life~work balance and resolving conflicts with peace and ease.

Open for a loving and supportive community giving you a safe sacred space to open your heart, feel heard, be seen, and stepping into your promising future.

In this 21 Day Awakening Process you will:

  • Have a treasure chest filled with a plethora of lifelong tools, strategies and concepts, anchoring in the mastery of meditation, learning how to forgive and let go, so you can embody the receivership of love..
  • Begin to tap into the deep reservoir of wisdom, establishing trust, with the ability to communicate effectively, love and forgive unconditionally.
  • Cultivate a daily practice that will support your mind, body and soul, dissolving anxiety and fears and shifting them into unshakeable peace.


  • Becoming aware and focusing on how to dissolve the past thoughts, patterns and beliefs.
  • Coming to an awareness of the emotions that we now can anchor in connections and effective ways to communicate.
  • Creating a vision for you and your relationship and living into it.
  • Diving into depths of healing your inner little child.
  • Dissolving old patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back from.
  • Seeing yourself, and your beloved in their innocence.
  • This module gives you exercises, tools and concepts in setting new agreements and boundaries allowing for peace, love and harmony to evolve.
  • This is the BIG work! letting go, rebuilding trust, and being in the practice of how to live in the present moment.
  • BEing present and deepening intimacy.
  • Altruistic Mindful practices are anchoring in unshakable peace.
  • The “hard conversations” now are becoming effective and coming from a place of compassion.

This module will give you exercises, tools and concepts in maintaining equanimity and peace in your relationship, dissolving the triggers, and maintaining balance between work and your personal lives. Feeling, seeing and experiencing your confidence and worthiness humbly.

  • Take ownership of every bit of yourself. Gain clarity, deepen the connection in intimacy as you unify the relationship with self, and your beloved.
  • See life through a new lens stepping into clarity, confidence and connection.
  • Being impeccable with your word as you embody your shadows, both dark and light.
  • Falling madly in love with who you are and who you are becoming.
  • Take committed action in being your word to yourself and others allowing your inner wisdom to guide you as you are now trusting the process of life.
  • We will tap into integrating a well rounded healthy lifestyle with foods and meditative movement to heal the body, mind and soul as one.

Get a clear blueprint and roadmap that will give you all that you need in recreating harmony and connection in your relationship.

Featured Benefits

Recorded Access for Life

Every session is recorded. In addition to our 2 live weekly sessions you will also receive the entire class audio recording in your personalized portal. This gives you the opportunity to review, discus and highlight the most important insights and practices that you have learned.

hOMePLAY Exercises and Mindful Practices for Each Weekly Lesson

After each lesson, you will receive step by step instructions on how to implement all of the lessons through the practices you will be being and doing during the week. All practices, and hOMePlay Exercises will be available in your personal portal.

Your Own Customized Membership Portal Customized For Each of You…
  • Customized hOMePlay Activities designed specifically for the challenges you are facing
  • Customized Guided Meditations designed specifically for each individual and couple
  • Video lessons
  • Interactive one on one and couples connection activities
  • Journal Prompts

Midweek Connection Sessions

Every session is recorded. In addition to our 2 weekly sessions you will also receive the entire class audio recording in your personalized portal. This gives you the opportunity to review, discus and highlight the most important insights and practices that you have learned.

The Journey Begins Here:

The live online 21 day course will begin
July 19 through August 6
Thursday Evenings will be Connection Sessions
WE will be integrating the lessons, diving in deeper, whilst 
discovering what is working and where support is needed. 
We will meet once a week online, for 2 hours every 
Sunday Evenings from 7:55 pm-9:55 pm EST on Zoom.

In these sessions we will begin with a guided meditation designed for the course lesson, dive right in to the course lesson, and integration time to bring the experiential experience to life. 

Our Conscious Connection Membership

belong to a community of like minded couples and individuals who are all ready to hold each other high and accountable to stepping into their full authentic expression of self during this great time of awakening and change