Conscious Couples Awakening

Master Your Mindset

An Immersive 90 Day Fitness Program
Unifying The Mind, Body, and Soul

Manifest Mind-Gasmic Love...

The world is changing right now and the pandemonium is bringing out fear, anger and frustration…
It is now time to shift out of what was not serving us and create inner peace and harmony, 
You know that you still love your beloved, yet the triggers overtake the love and you react to a reaction in anger and resentment. Left with feeling guilt and shame…

Yes! I am ready to...

Get UNSTUCK and thrive in my relationship by uprooting the darkness that holds me back from a life of fulfillment, self-love and self-acceptance, and come from a place of love so I am irresistibly seen and heard.

Be able to have those hard conversations, rebuild trust and break free from the past, creating a life of living in the presence and a promising future.

Experience unshakable peace within, breaking through the ancestral patterns and limiting beliefs whilst having the support and strength to gain clarity and strength to navigate through the chaos of these uncertain times.

Learn state of the art mindfulness exercises, receive deep profound teachers and life changing modalities into my life with a step by step proven curriculum.

This is what you will receive in this Transformation Mind, Body and Soul Fitness Program



If you feel, you just want to live better with yourself and your partner you should try doing something different. Invest in YOU. We were not communicating, we were triggering each other. Before we were superficial, now we can talk about feelings without any fear. Staci and Marc are just sincere, they love helping people growth is not just a job for them, they really live the life that they teach.

Stacey Brown

I felt as if my inner self was crying out for help, the universe answered and Staci showed up! She walked me through the steps of breathing, focusing on my breath and she took me on this journey to go back to where it all began to my little girl self. It was surreal, it was necessary and gave me a new lens on life. My husband and I have also done Staci and Marc’s 21 Day Awakening program and the 90 day Master your Mindset program. We continue to utilize the GEMS and concepts in our daily lives it has become how we operate.

Blanca Greenstein

I used to struggle with staying positive amidst life challenges. Through coaching, I learned how to view life in a different way, and learned different tools and philosophies to adjust my view of life so that I felt less psychological pressure and more freedom and more peacefulness. I have personally evolved into a consistently positive human being.
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Jon L.

I gave Staci 5 stars because she is so understanding, and she just gets you. She knows you sometimes before you know yourself, and that’s something that I’ve never experienced before. If you’re looking to really dive into the root of your issues, and are looking for that SUPPORT she’s definitely the one to pick. I’d refer anyone in my life to her.