Conscious Couples Awakening

Reconnect with
Your Inner Child

Reclaim your innocence and be in the knowing of your purpose here on our playground earth.

A Journey Within The Journey:

Your inner child has been with you all along, your invitation is awaiting you for this powerful rebirth of YOU. Stepping into a place that seems all so familiar, yet the stories, patterns and belief systems that have been running in your mind continually bring you the same results. 
The lies that you have been telling yourself of I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough, unworthiness, the people-pleasing guy… I call this the “Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome” and it is exhausting. 
You will now feel supported, safe and ready to reunite with your inner truths. All has been perfectly and divinely planned thus far. All of what you believed to be your disappointments, failures and wrong turns have all been for your eternal growth. 

To Be Or Not To Be,
That Is The Question

We are Human Beings, but we spend the majority of our lives as Human Doings
When we forget to live in the moment, we relentlessly chase the future as we charge through life half asleep. Most of us do not take the time to Beto live in the present and be grateful for life and our beloveds. 
Anchor yourself through Being…
The outside world mirrors our inner realities. Unity with our true essence creates meaning in our lives. You have the power to change your reality. Beingness allows the change you wish to see in your relationships and the world around you. When you accept and love yourself, your life’s essential relationships will improve as a ripple effect. 

Private One-On-One Sessions

Take a deep dive with Staci in reclaiming your innocence. This is the first step in restoring the deep authentic intimacy and connection you desire with your beloved. Staci works with you to do the deeper work that will initiate you to the next level of your breakthroughs. By focusing inward and connecting you to your innate emotional and energetic intelligence, Staci will guide you in finding answers that resonate with your true self allowing you to live a more fulfilled and peaceful life. 
Become aware of outdated, negative habits. In these 1-1 sessions you’ll walk away with a peaceful understanding of the core issues and challenges you currently face and begin to take committed action in mastering your mindset. Once you are fully reconnected to your true inner self, you’ll be empowered to make new choices. You’ll learn to trust your intuition and open up to life in a new profound way as you take your power back, healing from past wounds.


Sacha Beriro

I was able to shift my being from a negative space to a space of possibility, and a space of love not only with myself but with everybody. The love that she has for me as a person and the love she has for humanity in general was a really safe space for me. Even though I was in a negative headspace I knew to trust the journey with Staci.

Erika Osceola

I am truly Grateful for Staci’s service of genuine, pure, raw love. As I allowed myself under her guidance, my entire life shifted. I learned the art of letting go of what no longer serves me. I was at a very pivotal moment of growth in my life, and it could have gone a lot of ways, but Staci’s intuitive coaching really kept me on point with my healing and helped me navigate to the other side of my now victorious life. Staci, through her experience of inner child work, divine feminine essence and lots of love and giving allowed me the space to heal and be gentle with myself and others. Staci is gifted at opening the eyes to see the beautiful lessons in all of it.

D Adams

As a spiritual person I approached Staci’s coaching with an understanding of spiritual concepts. Staci was able to guide me even more in this. Staci has given me space and opportunity to truly dig deep and to encounter my heart space. She helped me address issues stemming from childhood experiences and has helped me unload this baggage. Staci helped me see I am not defined by such an experience. She allowed me to move at my pace, but was honest about what it would take to get to the next level and encounter the next degree of freedom.

Hanna Dylan

Staci radiates joy, love, and passion through her work Staci is not only a soul sister to me but she is a dear friend and mentor in my life. Staci has a heart of gold and has the ability to see and pick up on things that most people cannot. Her intuition is so on point and allows me to access my own guidance system. I love this woman and I am so grateful for what she has opened up for me in my life!!

Stacey Brown

I felt as if my inner self was crying out for help, the universe answered and Staci showed up! She walked me through the steps of breathing, focusing on my breath and she took me on this journey to go back to where it all began to my little girl self. It was surreal, it was necessary and gave me a new lens on life. My husband and I have also done Staci and Marc’s 21 Day Awakening program and the 90 day Master your Mindset program. We continue to utilize the GEMS and concepts in our daily lives it has become how we operate.

Tracie Clemons

Staci’s coaching has been an empowering experience. I was challenged by not being able to notice what was truly right in front of my eyes or in my presence. I’m now able to center myself in order to have a balanced day, almost every day! Staci has helped me to slow down in all areas of my life, and to really notice what’s occurring in that moment. I’ve learned these moments are meant to be embraced, and love is always on your side.

Marlilou Colas

Before starting this journey with Staci, I was not able to acknowledge the past and reveal my truth or take the time to understand “Me” and the loved ones around me. I now have a better approach to life. No one is perfect, so self-improvement is always a good thing. The coaching sessions with Staci helped me with my career, boosted my confidence, and helped me improve my relationship with my family. Learning to let someone be themselves freely will shine a light on so many truths.