Conscious Couples Awakening

Do you feel called to become immersed in commUNITY?

Conscious Connection Membership Program

Your ability to connect with this global network of our private clients is one of the valuable assets in these programs. These individuals will be sharing a space with you as you experience massive breakthroughs!  It’s our mission to always be adding the most value possible to you & your significant other. 
In group sessions you will be able to start discussions on important topics of transformation, and receive feedback. You are never alone, we’re all in this together. We are excited to offer you various opportunities to connect with other like minded couples and individuals embarking on their awakening journeys. The power of what we teach is life-changing. Our members are celebrating massive breakthroughs daily.

Membership Benefits

One-on-one sessions with Staci and Marc​

MasterMind Book Club​

Access to Monthly Men of Gratitude and Sacred Goddess Gatherings​

Participate In Our Conscious Community Private Facebook Group

WE see you. You desire a life filled with joy, passion, abundance and a unified relationship with your beloved. Get 24 hour access to tools strategically designed to walk you step by step into the fullness of your power and potential in this monthly maintenance program. 

Our programs are going to get you to where you want to be at a faster pace, but there’s still a way to take actionable steps TODAY

Mastermind Book Club

Spice up your date nights with your beloved and dive into an intimate space, sailing through the depths of each other’s minds.
Mastermind groups are essential to the evolution of your awakening journey. In our Mastermind Book Club we offer you and your beloved a safe space for deep inner exploration as we read 1 chapter per week—on a book YOU vote for! Get through the steps of awakening, retrain your mind and share “A-HA” moments with your beloved and other like-minded couples. Your coaches Staci and Marc will be giving all participants opportunities for profound intuitive counseling in these intimate group settings, inviting you to share your viewpoints and related experiences. Go from the ordinary to Extraordinary in this group environment divinely orchestrated to help raise you up, inspire you and catapult you forward

This month we will be covering the topic:

Healing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Join our virtual book club held on zoom where we will gather weekly on wednesday evenings. We will be learning to master the dance between these powerful energies. Transform your relationship’s dynamic by adding new agreements and boundaries, and learn to implement new profound concepts in navigating life with your partner.

Hands Together

Suggested Reading

The Fifth Agreement

by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Five Love Languages

by Gary Chapman

The Color Code

by Taylor Harman, Ph. D

Your Erroneous Zones

by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Nonviolent Communication

by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

Mind, The Middleman

by Satpal Ji Maharaj

Sacred Goddess Gathering

Every woman has an answer for the next woman who is in question. It’s time to open your heart, your mind, your soul… to other like minded women. It’s time to receive love from the divine feminine.  You have the opportunity to connect with like minded women around the world, sharing experiences and wisdom from all walks of life. It’s a known fact that female bonding is good for our health. From a scientific perspective, it increases the good chemicals in the brain, acting as a natural antidepressant. That’s why we feel so good when we celebrate life with our girl friends. So go get your goddess on! This is an immersive virtual experience. 

Men of Gratitude

These free gatherings are havens for “up to something” men to go and share ideas, challenges and inspiration. They have a bit of a “council of elders feel” that happens when you get men together for no other reason than to improve their lives and the world. Challenge, Support, Brotherhood.
Being a part of a men’s group is a POWERFUL tonic to social isolation. Gathering with other men gives us community, connection, and can go a long way to lowering our stress levels, let go, and operate from a place of unshakeable peace within.