Conscious Couples Awakening

Be the Change you Wish to See in your Relationship

The Willingness to Change​

The first step to cultivating personal and relational transformation is willingness

The willingness to do whatever it takes, a strong desire & a powerful intention to make that shift in your life will be the fuel behind your victory. Our role is to help you simplify the process in your journey.

The Journey to Your Inner Truth​

How long have you been thinking about wanting to start over. Take this opportunity available for you to make 2021 your best year EVER. Re-write your life story, reveal and peel back the layers that have brought you to this very moment and open yourself up NEW possibilities.

You are ready to take your next step in the cultivation of awareness in…

Remembering Who You Truly Are

Our Promise to You

With deep unconditional love, and compassion we have the intention to see and hold you to the optimal version of yourself. We will connect you to a like-minded community embarking on a journey of a lifetime. 

Fill up your brand new treasure chest with tools, gems, community, collaboration, and insight that will open up the next chapter of your story as you start Living Your Life In Mastery.


Lisa & Ken LaLonde

Meeting somebody online was something that was pretty ironic. Ken and I had never sought somebody out to help us with our relationship. And so when we were looking for somebody the one thing we kept saying was that we wanted somebody in person and we just couldn’t find that person. After I did a search online I found staci and when she called back there was an instant connection. It really was a divine intervention.

Estefania Zapata

Before getting to know Marc & Staci I had struggled with intimacy and relationships. I didn’t believe in love. I wasn’t going to get married. I couldn’t fathom getting married because to me marriage was fighting, bickering and I didn’t want that. I got to experience the passion , the love, the compassionate communication and the authenticity of their relationship. I started to notice that they have certain exercises, certain things that they do to get them to where they are as a couple.


Deepen Connection, Rebuild Trust, Restore Intimacy and Passion by going from a Codependent to an Interdependent Relationship in 21 Days.

The Journey to Awakening Your Truth –
A program for couples and individuals who are being called to discover their inner truth. Reignite your relationship by discovering  new ways to communicate effectively, rebuild trust and dive into the depths of authentic intimacy with your beloved.
One of the most important decisions you could ever make is choosing who you spend the rest of your life with. In this 21 day program you get to dive in deep reuniting with your true self, awakening and stepping into the fullness of who you are.  Breakthrough the threshold, and uncover the underlying blocks getting in the way of your relationships. 

90 Days to Master Your Mindset

A Mind Fitness Program Unifying the Mind, Body, and Soul

Marc and Staci’s Signature Program
This program is for you if you have a yearning desire to make massive shift in your life with your beloved. We dive in deep in a mind, body and soul fitness program that will hold you and your significant other to evolutionary levels mastering new disciplines, regimens, habits while nurturing your cells and dissolving dis~ease. We must be willing to make a DECISION to no longer tolerate being a victim to circumstance. Take committed action that will lead you to your birthright of love, joy, abundance, connection and unity. 
The journey begins here. You made it through the first half. All victories are won in the second half. In this fresh new beginning, allow yourself to experience presence, peace, deep authentic intimacy, passion, unconditional love, and begin hearing the whispers of your own internal wisdom—your innocent little child inside. This is where the mind meets clarity.

Rebirthing Journey One-On-One

Acceptance and Growth are the driving forces of human life.

We all have a higher calling- the will to live and the will to love. Connection is the only thing that gives our life meaning. We spend our life chasing illusory happiness, and it only ever serves to make us unhappy and unfulfilled. The doorway to True Happiness is found between the bridging of two interconnected souls, and the key lies within ourselves. 
Reclaim your innocence, reconnect with your inner child and learn to trust your intuition and open up to life in a new profound way as you take your power back healing from past wounds. Take the first step in what it will take to unify, course correct and shift your relationship as a couple or be the hero in your journey as an individual to unleash your greatness and come home to your heart.  

Conscious Connection Membership Program

Do you feel called to become immersed in commUNITY?

It’s our mission to always be adding the most value possible to you & your significant other. 
You are never alone, we’re all in this together. Receive tools strategically designed to walk you step by step into the fullness of your power and potential in this monthly maintenance program. 
Your ability to connect with this global network of my private clients is one of the valuable assets we offer in our programs. These individuals will be sharing a space with you as you experience massive breakthroughs! 

Let's Make Shift Happen!